High performance cleaner advantages at a glance

Every day, thousands of customers use cleaning agents from CleanTruck. And for good reason!

Using our bestseller, the "HighPower Cleaner", we will show you today why our cleaners are so popular - far beyond truck cleaning:

  • Transparent pricing policy: We have nothing to hide. Unlike many competitors, we publish the prices of our HighPower Cleaner and other products. For your advantage: You can buy online immediately and conveniently. For your individual quantity discounts please contact Michael Georgieff at +49 9405 952526 or info@cleantruck.shop.

  • We do not ship water! Our cleaning agents are available as concentrates. The saves space and therefore money: in the warehouse, in shipping and in the disposal of the packaging. In addition, the concentrate can also be carried in the truck and is therefore the perfect cleaning agent for on the road.

  • Effective truck cleaners: Our cleaning agents impress with their very high effectiveness and wide range of applications. Whether truck chassis or tarpaulin - with one product everything becomes clean. Our spray-dosage cleaner also brings best results on glass or rubber. There is no danger to other surfaces and components.

  • One product: everything clean! Only one product also means less time and financial expenditure in storage and purchasing. Valuable storage space is not wasted with a multitude of cleaners. One cleaner is sufficient for cleaning the entire fleet.

  • Easy to use: Our cleaners are child's play to use: spray, brush in lightly, let it work, spray off - done! Trucks can be cleaned with it in only 4 steps residue-free and clean. CleanTruck cleaners develop optimum effectiveness even in cold water.

  • Quality from Germany: Our cleaners are "Made in Germany" and certified by TÜV Rheinland . The high quality and effectiveness of our cleaners are confirmed by customers and numerous quality controls. No problems during audits.

  • We live sustainability: We take great care that our cleaners have as little impact on the environment as possible. Most of our cleaners are biodegradable and, whenever possible, have the lowest possible class with water hazard class 1. We at CleanTruck take responsibility for the environment so that your children and grandchildren can also enjoy a future worth living.

  • Maximum natural: We use renewable raw materials in combination with the minimum possible use of chemicals. This means that the use of CleanTruck cleaning agents ismaximally effective and at the same time as harmless as possible for humans, animals and nature. All CleanTruck cleaners are produced climate neutrally in Germany.

  • Maintaining value through clean vehicles: Regular and uncomplicated cleaning of a truck leads to fewer repairs and a professional, clean appearance. Should damage to the vehicle occur, it can be repaired more quickly thanks to the clean condition.

  • And the price is right! Last but not least we stand for a maximum price-performance ratio. Up to 40 litres of cleaner can be obtained from one litre of concentrate. This with an optimal mixing ratio with no loss in cleaning power.
  • Find out your quantity discounts, ask!


  • Stephan

    Gibt es einen Unterschied zwischen Truckreiniger und Reiniger für das Wohnmobil?
    Für Testzwecke wäre es schön wenn es auch eine kleine Menge geben würde, oder gibt es die schon. Habe ich jedenfalls nicht gefunden. Ich bin nämlich ein ungläubiger Klaus🥴

  • Raimund Leschinski

    Hallo cleantruck ,
    ist das Reinigungsmittel auch gut
    für meinen Wohnwagen ?

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