About us

Proven cleaning agents for trucks from a family business

CleanTruck is a family-run company based near Regensburg.

For over 65 years we have been developing, producing and selling cleaners, chemotechnical products and cleaning systems for industry and trade.

For 30 years we are specialized in truck exterior and cargo area cleaning .

Profit from the outstanding experience of thousands of customers

Under the registered trade mark CleanTruck already thousands of customers highly effective and pollution free cleanersand cleaning devices bought. These are used for the fleet of their forwarding agency or for cleaning buses, construction vehicles and feed and food transporters. At the same time, thanks to 's own production in Germany, we are also able to manufacture customised cleaning agents.

Ecological & sustainable: "We don't ship water".

Company founder Hans-Michael Georgieff has always focused on sustainability, fairness and value retention. All cleaning agents are offered by CleanTruck as concentrates. The reason is simple: maximum cleaning power, with minimum weight and volume shipped. Hans-Michael Georgieff justifies this as follows: "We don't ship water, that unnecessarily pollutes the environment and we can simply avoid it."

We produce the cleaning agents ourselves, so they are "Made in Germany". At fair wages, working conditions and using renewable raw materials and regenerative electricity.

From experience one of the best

The experience we have gathered together with our customers about the use and processing of our products is bundled in the "Service" section. Shining performance for shining trucks: Our Specialist consultants are on duty throughout Germany staff will be happy to support you on site with their expertise in all aspects of cleaning your truck.

True to our motto "Radiant cleanliness is fun" we advise our customers not only on the use of the right, effective cleaner, but also take care of the optimal design of his washing place, whether it is a wash hall or a car wash, with dosing devices and hose reels up to automatically working pre-spray arches. Of course, safety-relevant and promotionally effective signage is also part of the service.


CleanTruck - Everything for your clean fleet.