Highly effective cleaning agents for the car and caravan rental industry

Do you rent out camper vans, caravans, panel vans, cars, Sprinters, vans or motorhomes/caravans?

Then you know what weather conditions your vehicles are exposed to on a daily basis. And that's not all: driving through rough terrain and spending time in the great outdoors is a must for campers. Because this is the only way to reach the most beautiful places. The disadvantage for you as a landlord: Tree sap, insects, moss, rain streaks and more become a challenge for cleaning afterwards. Also, by standing for a longer period of time, dirt is literally burned in by the sun's rays. Cleaning in a car wash rarely produces a convincing result, as the cleaning agents are not designed for such challenges.

With the cleaners and cleaning devices of Cleantruck we offer you optimal solutions especially for stubborn soiling. Because our environmentally friendly cleaning agents are especially suitable for the cleaning and care of commercial vehicles of all kinds, of course also for the travel industry! Let your vehicle fleet appear in new splendour. And the next customer will be pleased about a shining clean and well cared vehicle.

Easy and thorough cleaning of cars, motorhomes and caravans thanks to our environmentally friendly cleaning agents

An always clean and well-maintained vehicle fleet shines especially in the rental of vehicles such as caravans, camping trailers and cars to the outside world and invigorates the business. Nobody wants to rent a dirty vehicle. At the same time, an always well-maintained vehicle increases the value retention and delays investments.

With our environmentally friendly cleaning agents you achieve maximum results. All cleaners are concentrates, i.e. we do not ship water! They can be stored space-saving and minimize your transport costs.

Mix the concentrate individually optimally. In this way you can obtain up to 40 litres of cleaning agent from one litre of concentrate. By the way, our cleaners also work perfectly with cold water! The application is as simple as it is effective: spray - brush in - let it work - spray off - clean!

Our products are produced climate neutral and are "Made in Germany”. So you profit from consistently high quality and harmlessness of the products.

With our cleaners you create a kind of "lotus effect". The dirt rolls off longer. Less washing is required. You save time and money. And the environment is also protected to the maximum!

Convince yourself of our cleaners:

  • High Power Cleaner: The ultimate all-rounder. Dissolves oil, grease and insects even without a brush. Spray on - let it work - spray off - clean. Alsodisinfects and has been proven to combat viruses.
  • HighPower Cleaner Mobile 1000 ml: The miracle product for mobile use. Practical in the 1 litre dosage bottle, the 3-in-1 cleaner also serves as an insect remover, wheel rim cleaner & vehicle interior cleaner. Simple, fast and uncomplicated!
  • Spray Wax Nano : Especially for the care of vehicle paintwork and tarpaulins. Brings new shine to the vehicle without time-consuming polishing! Provides drying, preservation and high gloss in only one work step

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