No white spots after the wash cycle - This is how it works

You have just carefully cleaned your vehicle. The water is draining off. The truck should shine flawlessly and then this: white spots after the wash cycle. That's when questions arise. We'll go with you on a search for clues and give you effective tips on how to find the cause and avoid white spots in the future.

Find the cause - 3 practical questions for residue-free shine

    • Do you wash your car with well water?

If so, the white spots may be caused by limescale as well as silicate. To find out for sure, we at CleanTruck will be happy to perform a free service water analysis for you. If it is silicate, the solution is not so trivial. Please contact your local sales partner or the head office.

    • Do you have calciferous water?

If yes, please try with your next order our Gloss cleaner with drying aid. The cleaning result is top notch and you can watch how water and limescale roll off on their own. Two challenges solved in one operation. It has never been easier to prevent limescale stains on your car.

    • You can't change the cleaning agent, but you still don't want limescale stains?

In this case, we recommend a second wash with a mild acid cleaner. You know this approach e.g. from descaling tea kettles and taps in the household. Here, too, we have the right solution for you: the acidic igesan 40 cleaner from CleanTruck. This versatile cleaner is gentle on painted surfaces and reacts acidically to limescale. Get rid of limescale stains quickly and easily with a second wash!

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