Truck wash brushes from Vikan

Overview of Vikan truck wash brushes: An all-round clean fleet!

The cleanliness of trucks and commercial vehicles is important for a good appearance. A constantly clean and well-maintained fleet radiates to the outside world. A well maintained truck increases the valuedelays investments and protects the environment.

Dhe cleaning of trucks is but more difficult than cleaning floors, for example.On the mostly vertical surfaces, the cleaningthe cleaning solution runs off quickly. Therefore the Wchoice of the right cleaning agents and brushes is an important is an important factor for effective and fast cleaning.

Special professionalWashing brushesbrushes for cleaning truck tarpaulins, containers or rims simplify and accelerate the TRUCK cleaning immensely

With over 30 years of experience in cleaning the exterior of trucks and commercial vehicles, Cleantruck on washing brushes from Vikan. With a large selection of different types and shapes of brushes Vikan is our number one. A wide range of different degrees of hardness of the bristles ensure gentle and scratch-free cleaning of all surfaces. Of course, these high quality washing brushes are also suitable for cars / motor vehicles / passenger cars, boats, buses, caravans / caravans, craftsmen's vehicles, agricultural machinery, pools or any fleet.

Particularly gentle washing brushes

Washing brushes from Vikan are characterised by special, soft bristles. These are particularly gentle on paint, rubber and glass. The wide rubber edge surrounding the entire brush is also gentle on all surfaces. Scratches caused by unsuitable brushes are therefore a thing of the past.

Dhe range recommended by us assortment includes the following Washing brushes:

Vikan truck wash brush: The all-rounder

Säurefeste Vikan-Waschbürste für LKW, Omnibusse und Nutzfahrzeuge

Large brushes are needed for large areas of dirt. The Vikan truck wash brush for cleaning large surfaces such as truck tarpaulins is available at CleanTruck in widths of 270mm and 370mm and is therefore available for every vehicle size.

Large area approaches are also available for the cleaning of containers required. All residues of the substances in the containers are cleaned as residue-free and gently as possible.

Vikan washing brush with telescopic handle

Equipped with a Vikan telescopic handlethe truck wash brush enables the complete truck to be cleaned quickly and effortlessly. The matching telescopic handle is also available in two infinitely adjustable lengths.available (1600mm and 2800mm). Due to the sturdy and ergonomic aluminum rod, the handle is extremely robust even when fully extended and allows the necessary pressure on the surface for a clean cleaning.

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